• Tool Carrier System - Rotary Table

Tool Carrier Systems

Steiner-Mold-Carriers und Steiner-Rotary-Tables are the result from 30 years of industrial experience, applying the latest developments in the tool carrier and transport system markets.  Thanks to continual, ongoing improvements in design and manufacture individual customer requirements can be implemented in the short term and at attractive prices. This can be done by modifying existing models as well as by complete redesign of special designs, in close cooperation with our customers.

Depending on the size and weight of the tools, respectively the necessary clamping forces, activation of the form carriers is carried out either pneumatically or hydraulically. Pneumatic locking devices, mechanical interlocks or the kinematic system in the movement of the upper table itself provide sufficient stability.

Pneumatic Mold Carrier FT06

This design distinguishes itself especially through its innovative kinematics, which on the one hand permits a wide opening of the upper platen and a free operation from three sides while on the other hand ensuring high clamping forces due to stable locking when closed. This design is used for small and medium-sized parts, such as for example automotive and aeroplane seat cushions. The vertical stroke and application of the clamping force are applied by air actuators in the base.

The special advantages of the form carrier disk FT 06 are:

  • In relation to its clamping forces its design is very light and is therefore a low-cost design
  • Free accessibility to the form from the top and from three sides
  • Designed with clamping surfaces open (support profiles) or closed with aluminium table tops
  • Adjustment of the under table either manually by means of a threaded spindle or optionally by a motorized spindle
Measurements and Weights  
Width 1.100 mm
Depth 1.300 mm
Height (closed state) 1.600 mm
Height (open state) 1.800 mm
Weight (without tool) 285 kg
Installation dimensions/weights foam tools  
Width 1.000 mm
Depth 900 mm
Height 300 mm
Max. weight upper platen 70 kg
Max. weight base 200 kg
Clamping force (at 6 bar) 75 kN
Carrier Movements  
Parallel stroke base 150 mm
Pivoting angle top 0° - 75°
Pivoting angle base +/- 15° Fix adj.
Cycle times  
Closing times < 2 s
All movements pneumatic

Pneumatic Mold Carrier FT08

The proven use of the currently smallest STEINER form carrier is over molding of the component parts with PUR. The pivoting base allows an ergonomic position for the operator and at the same time results in optimal ventilation.

The clamping force is applied via a compact cylinder and two guide columns with longitudinal balance, to avoid thermal tension from heated forms.

Special Advantages of the FT08 are:

  • Compact, lightweight (< 200kg) and thus cost-optimal design
  • Base and upper table independently pivoted
  • Lathering possible in both open and closed states
  • Continuous adjustment of the base is also possible by means of a motorized spindl
Measurements and Weights  
Width 685 mm
Depth 775 mm
Height (closed state) 965 mm
Height (open state) 1.375 mm
Weight (without tool) 190 kg
Installation dimensions/weights foam tools  
Width 500 mm
Depth 500 mm
Height 140 mm
Max. weight upper platen 40 kg
Max. weight base 100 kg
Clamping force (at 6 bar) 5 kN
Carrier Movements  
Parallel stroke base 50 mm
Pivoting angle top 0° - 90°
Pivoting angle base 0° - 40°
Cycle times  
Closing times < 2 s
All movements pneumatic

Hydraulic Form Carrier FTH01

The FTH01 has established itself as the hydraulic standard form carrier for STEINER-Mechanical Engineering. Its main area of application is the production of rigid foam insulation segments. The vertical stroke is produced by four hydraulic cylinders, whereby the parallel guiding of the base during the stroke movement is ensured by a scissor system.

The special advantages of the FTH01 are:

  • Swivel locking arms for better accessibility in the open state
  • Locking via hydraulic cylinders
  • Open position secured hydraulically by means of counterbalance valves  
  • Standard design with stroke power limit
Measurements and Weights
Width 2.500 mm
Depth 1.350 mm
Height (closed state) 1.350 mm
Height (open state) 1.925 mm
Weight (without tool) 800 kg
Installation dimensions/weights foam tools  
Width 2.200 mm
Depth 900 mm
Height 700 mm
Max. weight upper platen 250 kg
Max. weight base 300 kg
Clamping force (at 130 bar) 140 kN
Carrier Movements  
Parallel stroke base 300 mm
Pivoting angle top 0º - 60º
Pivoting angle base 0º - 0º
Cycle times
Closing times < 3 s
All movements hydraulic

Rotary Tables

We offer our customers STEINER rotary tables with a platform dimension of up to 14 metres as a transport system for tool carriers. The drive is either in tact or as standard continuously on the outside diameter. A drive with roller-bearings and precision cut teeth on the circumference of the rotary table is applied. This arrangement ensures high dynamic qualities requiring at the same time only low drive requirements. The already high positioning and repeat action accuracy can be increased by an additional centring station.

Equipment features:

  • Power supply and data interchange via slip ring unit
  • Air and vacuum supply via rotary feedthrough
  • Media input – water or steam possible
  • Ground support rollers and tracks under the table

As an alternative to our rotary tables we can also offer our customers stationary STEINER Linear plants.

Technical Details
Outside diameter up to 14 m
Height of platform approx. 400 mm
Max. load approx. 30 t
Type of drive < 10 kW
Antriebsart Servo geared motor

Special Designs

In some cases the integration of the tool, respectively partial functions of the tool in the mold can result in economic benefits for our customers. For such cases we can offer individually designed special forms.

In simple forms heating or cooling functions are often integrated into the mold carrier; with complex forms the integration of core slides or centering devices for inserts have proven to be of advantage. For STEINER Engineering as manufacturers of special machines with the competence in solving your problems the designing of special forms is a standard procedure.