• Pressing Technology

Pressing Technology

Not every pressing task automatically entails high requirements in terms of maximum pressing force. Especially in the production of composite materials made of different plastic layers such as foam boards, nonwovens, films or fibre mats, variable closing width and closing speed are the prevailing requirements.

In this context, we consider the concept of electromechanical screw presses to be superior to that of conventional hydraulic presses. In order to meet another common customer requirement, namely hot pressing, we have developed a powerful hot plate technology. This technology is based on heating plates made of aluminium through which thermal oil flows. Upon customer request, electric heaters are of course also possible as a heat source.


  • Variable time progression of the closing width during heating of the product
  • Temperatures up to 260 °C
  • Extremely fast energy input due to aluminium heating plates
  • Combined heating and cooling pressing possible
  • Pressing forces up to a maximum of 50 t





Pressing Technology