• Production Machine

Production Machines

Steiner-Production machines can be characterised by their efficient use of material and energy and at the same time for their high production output.

Our customers mainly produce high-quality products for the automotive and aviation industries, as well as for the plastic and packaging markets.

Thermoform Machines

Our thermoform machines are used for the fully automatic production of aggregate enclosures in the engine compartment.

Two hydraulic presses by IMS SpA Deltamatic are used.

A significant noise reduction can be achieved by such components. The materials, additives and process parameters applied are often based on our customer’s own know-how and any such information is therefore subject to especially careful protection.

Thermoform Machine
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Laminating Equipment

Our laminating machines are used for either semi- or fully-automatic production or refining of automotive interior parts, such as e.g. rear hat shelves. Decorative non-woven fleece, either with or without any additives, is laminated onto the shell component by application of pressure and partial heat.

Laminating Equipment